The Cabin Restaurant - Burnside, Louisiana - Fine Cajun Food Since 1973


Good Food since 1973


Come inside ...       

Inside The Cabin As one looks around upon entering,  The Cabin 
As you enter the cabin ... gives off an aura of 
authenticity and realism.

The original cypress roof is still visible from inside,
and even the spider webs of 100 years ago
 are still clinging to the ceiling.

The Cabin's Papered WallsThe walls are papered with ancient newspaper,
fixed to the wall with a mixture of flour and water. 

This was the way the slaves insulated the
walls of the original slave dwelling. 

Cozy Dining   
In practically every nook and
cranny, antique farm implements and
Old bottles on display tools of years gone by
are displayed for
you to see.


Fireplace in The Cabin  
Originally, there were two chimneys and four
 rooms in the main cabin. One of the chimneys
has been rebuilt as it once stood.

The original floor in the main cabin has been replaced with pine flooring from the commissary at the Welham Plantation in Convent, Louisiana.

The Grand Dining Room

A business luncheon in the main dining room ...In the grand dining room,                                       
Beautiful woodwork, with windows overlooking the courtyard the roof is supported by four
 massive beams that were manufacturer's rejects
 obtained for a bottle of
 Old Crow bourbon

 These were placed so that the 
room resembles a garconnier
(the visiting bachelor's quarters on a river road plantation).

L'Armitage General Store

L'Armitage General Store - Burnside, LouisianaThere were two of these buildings, just alike and side by side.  Only one was saved when the Mississippi River's levee was moved in 1932.

                                       Entrance to General Store AreaGeneral Store entrance and collectibles on display

Now attached to The Cabin,
it provides extra seating area 
for the restaurant and 
lots of space for 
memorabilia and collectibles.


  More collectibles in the General Store
All of the old cabinets along the
walls are full of 
old goodies 
to look at.


Collectibles Displayed
General Store Seating and Collectibles

 Post Office Inside General Store
General Store Post Office and Seating


Cistern Restrooms

The restrooms are unique in their own way.

Cistern RestroomCistern RestroomThey were constructed from a cypress water cistern.  
The partitions inside the restrooms are from the 
Old Crow Distillery in New Orleans, 
which was demolished in 1970.

Cistern Restrooms

The area where they sit was a two-room slave dwelling from the 
Welham Plantation with its original roof and walls. 
 It is approximately 140 years old.


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