St. Joseph’s School

St. Joseph’s School House dominates the courtyard. Established in 1867 by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph’s School House was the first Catholic school established for children of color.

Originally located at St. Michael’s Church in Convent, the school remained open until 1966, when it was combined with St. Michael’s Schools at Convent.

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Slave cabins – Helvetia Plantation – Convent, Louisiana

These two buildings face one another and enclose the courtyard between The Cabin and St. Joseph’s Schoolhouse.

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L’Armitage General Store

There were two of these buildings, just alike and side by side. Only one was saved when the Mississippi River’s levee was moved to its current location in 1932.

Now attached to The Cabin, it provides extra seating area for the restaurant and lots of space for memorabilia and collectibles.

Joseph Dornier House

Dornier was the 1st Sheriff of St. James Parish. This building is still being renovated.

Louisiana Rice

Near the entrance to The Cabin sits a small sugar kettle which has Louisiana Rice growing in it for you to see … click to see larger view

“Rock” the Alligator

Resting in the Cabin’s front garden, “Rock” was carved from a virgin cypress sinker log. This log was cut down approximately 100 to 120 years ago, on the banks of the Amite River. It had been laying on the river bed under mud since then. Pulled up on April 20, 1988 and sculpted by James Schexnaydre into the

“Largest Alligator in the World”!